Stanley Notte

Sit with me in silence.

Let us share the softness it supplies.

Feel together it’s healing hand

the tender touch

that stills the stress and strains

that reigns too often

Darkness On The Edge Of Town,..Bruce Springsteen

in our daily lives.

Let us bask as one

in the solace

of soundless space

whisper sweet nothings

into empty air

that will fills us with hope

and erase our despair.

Now, more than ever

as our world slows

as stillness settles

on machines, motors

Life as we know it

our mind struggles

to abate the worry

fear, anxiety

Still silence is a friend.

A comrade.

A shoulder on which to rest.

So come,

sit with me

in silence

until solace

soft and reassuring

settles our souls.

Come sail your ships around me

And burn your bridges down

We make a little history baby

Every time you come ’round

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Ship Song

Stanley Notte is one of Ireland’s most talented writers, speakers and spoken word artists.An entrepreneur who seeks opportunities to share his poetry and his creative ways with words.An advocate for mental health awareness and understanding.An MC with a quick wit and an engaging presencA lover of music and song writing.…….

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