There has been many stories along the way,what some of the contributors missed most during this time.I am trying to avoid the over use of the word “lockdown”It is like the time “basically” was first flouted…basically what I mean is “I wanted no ketchup on the burger”

There was many simple things that no longer existed,they just disappeared.They were basic things,dining out,hairdressers,coffee shops,librarys,art galleries,cinemas,taxis….you could go on….initially this project was pulling me in many directions.I was being asked by quite a lot of the people,how was I going to get them together to write,artists do not write,they get someone to write for them & one of the first questions they will ask is,who else is involved in the project? Catherine Drea was on board,authorJean Reinhardt was next.I then spoke to Karen (author Karen Power) with Karen it takes a day or two filter down,she was a few weeks away from publishing her third book,but she was in…Right I had three,we were up & running,at this time I had still to speak to Rob (Rob O’Connor)I rang him outlined everything & there was no hesitation.With Rob’s photography of that night March 21 2020 10pm I had the foundation.My initial reaction when I first glimpsed the photography was one of,”there is something not right here,someone is not telling the truth,this was something I had never encountered”

There was a palpable fear,a fear of something that you could not see,something that had the potential to kill you,fact.Sunday March 22 & 23 many things that I was involved in were gradually being put on the back burner.The publication & compilation of a new magazine The Cobh Chronicle was one of them,ok we are running behind schedule but we will get there….I was aware of artist Mary Wallace’s work for quite a long time,I was a big fan of her art,it had a swagger to it,it had a story & her approach was meticulous in every sense of the word.I had known for many months that the design & concept for #thesilence would be based on the vibrancy of her brilliant work.I was not going to make her aware of this until well into the project.Mary & I became sparring partners in a wonderful way,her encouragement & support has been unquestionable,she has changed direction in many ways during the course of of the project …..{to be continued}