The People

I felt that The Silence project had to occur.Initially it was going to arrive in a somewhat different guise.I had been familiar with many of the contributors work through various exhibitions etc.Many of them had become part of the Art In Many Forms & associated platforms.The format was going to be the issue.The approach,the reason & many diverse people,photographers,artists,authors,poets etc.It was then that the world & the country was turned on it’s head.We became familiar with new phraseology.Children had a new language & awareness,adults & elderly people became concerned & frightened.In a number of weeks we have learned a new language,the papers did not carry sports reports.It was the first time ever that “de paper” had no sports section,no horse racing.I had seen a very interesting quote which amused me,”casinos & churches closed,it was the first time heaven & hell had agreed on something.”In the first week there was a lot of fragmentation & confusion.A lot of bewilderment,holidays cancelled,no traffic in the mornings,it was a new time, people tried to come to terms with the unknown…….Pat Carroll for the Silence project ,June 2020

Forty Five hugely talented people that started writing,for some it was difficult,it was outside what they normally would do,there was trepidation,fear & anxiety involved,but thank you all,you will be part of this time that frightened the daylights out of us….Rob O’Connor’s images were & always will be a graphic reminder of something none of us have ever encountered,there has been many laughs & funny stories,(which is another chapter)

Claire Stack -Aine Farrell -Michael J.Whelan – Mary Wallace – Anne Martin Walsh – Suzanne D’Arcy Gaughan -Stanley Notte – Mailo Power – Rachel Dubber – Amy Guilfoyle – Cobh Animation Team – Theresa Ryder – Deirdre O’Shaughnessy – Bernie Carney – Anne McSweeney – Jean Reinhardt – Jene Hinds – Orlaith Hamersley – Catherine Drea – Theresa McCormack – Linda Ibbotson – Caroline Cunningham – Ruairí de Barra – Michelle Dunne – Catherine Brennan – May Drea RIP – Martha Cashman – Karen Scannell – Elsie Nolan – Amy O’Connor – Martina Furlong – Nilla Palmer – Jean Gilson – Trisha O’Callaghan – Rose McGowan – Patsy Atkinson – Stephen Hayes – Trish Carlos – Brigid Mullooly – Sinéad Ní Chionaola – Eadaoin Glynn – Mairead Holohan – Eleanor Curtin – Bernadette Doolan – Karen Power – Rob O’Connor- Colm McDonagh….

I would like to pay a special tribute to Marissa Luchessi of Dundalk FM,for her professionalism,the lady really knows her stuff,& over the last few weeks she became part of the project with her warmth & sincerity……over the weeks & months #thesilence will embrace many more creative people.They will have stories to tell & they will slot in alongside the original forty five contributers…we will then start profileing the contributors & their work,what they are involved in currently….we will use the little “corner shop” mentality,it will be friendly & courteous…also our Art In Many Forms website will gradually work alongside “The Silence”platform which will give much more leverage & exposure…..