The Silence

Tourism took a hammering,with bookings cancelled.The hotels stopped functioning,restaurants closed with no indication as when they would re- open..Pat Carroll

Theresa McCormack

Our fancy dresses hang silently in our wardrobes with our fancy satin high heels and designer bags we bought last Summer that we couldn’t really afford but “Barbara has one so you know”..Theresa McCormack

Jean Gilson

History for me is my mum telling me her tales of Her War, mine is telling my kids of my history growing up in the North … My War. And one day, our children will tell the tales of history of how a global pandemic arrived in Ireland…Their War…..Jean Gilson

Nilla Palmer

Viral Isolation for some too confronting Thrown in a peculiar world of alone Or with immediate family only Civil liberties removed A prisoner Exiled in walls of solitude and despair Too overwhelming, dramatic Many unable to cope Depression, anxiety rises with death Rebirth of mandatory social distancing COVID-19’s forced repression Forces us closer Detached physically,…

Bernie Carney,Predator

“A human has eyes at the front of his head,
no great need to worry or feel any dread……”
Bernie Carney,Photographer

Linda Ibbotson

Tonight, I watch the world turn in half time,
watch the dragging hands of a clock,…Linda Ibbotson,Writer,Artist,Musician,

Claire Stack

“The words Social Distancing to me is now synonomous with Socialising”…..Claire Stack,Photographer

Stephen Hayes

“People are appreciating the simple things in life”……Stephen Hayes,Photographer

Catherine Drea

I wake up in the middle of the night overwhelmed by grief. I’m like a mother of a newborn,
jolting awake to check if they are still breathing….Catherine Drea

Rachel Dubber

We see how little we need to live and how much ‘stuff’ we have, how did we become so disconnected to what ultimately matters?…Rachel Dubber,Artist & Photographer