Amy Guilfoyle

“Time after Time” 

The times we are in

The time that has passed us by

The time that has yet to come seems a far distant cry

In a field of mist, we wander aimlessly, grasping


But all is not lost, for in our darkest times, we see our truth

Our truth of our lives

Our power remains within, we can love from afar

Take my hand for you cannot feel it’s grasp

But I remain here…

The Church Doors Thrown Open,….Bruce Springsteen “My City Of Ruins” The Rising


Life is a strange thing 

What we perceive to be a permanent reality

Is gone

But it was never permanent to begin with 

Time after Time 

Year after year 

Forever changing 

As will I..

“Hanging on by a thread

Watching the doomsday clock

The reasons

To all the others wicked ways are so unclear

I ask how do we make it all stop”

ZOAX “The Bad Blood”

Amy Guilfoyle is a Conceptual/ Performance Artist currently based in West Cork. She works under the pseudonym of A.G.E.G.

She has completed her Art Studies in Abbeyleix Further Education Centre. She has had a solo exhibition in Abbeyleix Library and exhibited as part of a group show in the Dunamaise Arts Centre Portlaoise. She has performed in the Complex as part of the events Mayhem, Livestock and Queerstock.

Her body of Art work is based around three main themes – The physical Act of Movement, Freedom of Expression of Self and Natural Change over a prolonged period of time. She uses photography and prints to express her ideas.

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